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What is Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)?

A Fringe Benefit is something provided to an employee in addition to their wage. Fringe Benefits are taxed seperatly to income tax.

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Small Business Structures trusts vs Companies Cover Image

Advisory | Business | Tax & Compliance

Small Business Structures: Trust vs Company

Small business structures can be daunting. Let's take a closer look at Trusts vs Companies. Trust me when I say it is something your want to get right in the first place.

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Small Business Tax Planning 2022 Blog Cover Photo

Advisory | Business | Tax & Compliance

Small Business Tax Planning 2022

When it comes to tax planning, even implementing simple strategies can reap huge benefits at tax time.

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Know Your Obligations As An Employer Word Cloud IMage


Know Your Obligations as an Employer

Whether you're hiring your first employee to help with your small business or you're a well-seasoned employer, it is essential to know your obligations.

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When to Register FOR GST Cover Image

Advisory | Bookkeeping | Tax & Compliance

When To Register For GST?

As a small business knowing when to register for GST is crucial to ensure that you remain compliant. By being ahead of the curve and registering early, you may boost your cash flow in those early stages of business when things are a bit tight.

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Directors Responsibilities Cover Image

Advisory | Tax & Compliance | Business

Responsibilities of a Director

Being appointed a company director is often a significant milestone in someone's life. Don't be fooled though! It comes with an array of additional responsibilities and potential pitfalls.

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Is your Christmas Party Tax Deductible?

Advisory | Business | Deductions | Tax & Compliance

Tax Deductible? Christmas Parties and Gifts

Surely a business can claim a tax deduction for a bit of Christmas cheer? Well no, it's not that simple. It can be an absolute nightmare, we know.

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How do I give TaxDigital Access to Xero?

Xero has changed the game for small businessess, with the ability to collaborate with your accountant on your live file.

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Cashflow vs Profit Social Media Image

Advisory | Business | Technology

Cash Flow Vs Profit

Business essentials - what is the difference between cash flow and profit?

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