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How do I give TaxDigital Access to Xero?

Xero has changed the game for small businessess, with the ability to collaborate with your accountant on your live file.

By Travis Bacon

November 21, 2021

Xero is designed in a way that allows small business owners to collaborate directly with accountants to help their business grow. We would love to help you out with your accounts, however, you will need to invite us to your file first. We ask that you grant us Advisor access, as this allows us to efficiently navigate around the file and complete tasks more cost-effectively.


When you're ready to invite us to your Xero file, you can give us access with the following instructions:

1. Log in to your organisation on Xero

2. Click on your Organisation name then go to Settings

Xero Access Step One

3. Click on Users

Xero Access Step Two

Note: Only users with Standard or Adviser user roles with Manage Users access will be able to invite new users.

4. Click 'Invite a User' to enter details for a new user.

5. Enter Travis Bacon for the name, and as the email address.

Select Projects, Payroll Admin, Business and Accounting and choose the Adviser role, then tick 'Manage Users'.

Xero Access Step Three

6. Press Continue and send an Invite.

We will then receive an email invitation to your Xero subscription. We will now be able to collaborate with you in your live Xero file.

All information we see in your books is strictly between us. we take privacy very seriously here at TaxDigitla and we would be more than happy to provide you with a Confidentiality Agreement.

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